Since your tank will be delivered by a freight truck, receiving it will be different from getting a package from FedEx or UPS. Here are a few things to you need to know:

  • Expect a phone call. It's common practice for freight carriers to call you to arrange a day and time for delivery when shipping to a residential location.
  • Freight trucks are bigger than a typical UPS or FedEx truck. They usually won't enter private drives or roads as there's normally not enough room to maneuver. You'll have to make sure you've arranged to have them delivered to a viable location.
  • Inspect your delivery before signing for it. Wear to the packaging is normal, but make sure the tank hasn't been seriously damaged. If there is substantial damage, either note it on the Proof of Delivery that the truck driver will give to you or refuse to accept the delivery. Also make sure that your order is not missing anything. When we ship on freight, we pass ownership of the goods to the freight company, and then they pass ownership to you on delivery. If the freight company made a mistake, it is only accountable for what is noted on the Proof of Delivery, so make sure you note any problems down. If you have to make notes or refuse the delivery, contact us at Sure Water and we'll let you know what to do next.
  • The freight company may charge you a fee if they have to make multiple attempts to deliver the tank, if they can't delivery your shipment due to inaccessibility, or if they have to use special equipment to deliver it. 
  • You are responsible for off-loading your shipment. The truck driver will most likely help to get your shipment out of the truck, but you will have to move it to wherever you plan on storing it.
  • Arrival dates are estimates. We ship orders out within 7-10 days. We'll do our best to get your shipment to you in a timely manner, but sometimes freight companies have extenuating circumstances and shipments get delayed.

260 Gallon Tank ready to ship